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Herbs Garden

Herbs Garden is both an online mart as well as a physical organic shop mart. We aim to be one of Singapore top online mart, offering a wide variety of online organic, natural food, supermarket, grocery and health supplements, including providing healthy and organically grown vegetables and fruits. More items would be added to our website as we go along.

Below are some samples of the vegetables that are organically grown and fresh from the farm here in Singapore at Lim Chu Kang. The vegetables are certified to be grown organically. With organic farming, there would be no pesticides, no fungicides, no growth inducing agents, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers and no animal waste.

The fertilizers used (Compost) include Rock Dust, Molasses, Seaweed etc.. and are rich in nutrients.

As our vegetables are right out of the farm here, fresh, healthy and full of natural nutrients , you can consume it with a peace of mind.

See a few selected samples of the vegetables from the farm


Jiu Bai


Kai Lan


Nai Bai



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