Organic Food

Organic Food Mart, and what you should know about Organic Food

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Organic Food Mart – deliveries for Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are delivered directly from the Singapore farm at Lim Chu Kang, to our shop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Therefore make your orders at least 2 days before, to receive deliveries on these 3 days, to ensure you get the freshest supplies. And we do not stock up excess supplies for such fresh fruits and vegetables.


What is Organic Food

Organic food are food produced by employing organic farming methods.

Organic farming methods utilizes farming techniques such as crop rotation, and uses natural fertilizers, such that there are no pesticides, no fungicides, no growth inducing agents, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers and no use of animal waste.


Organic Products Certification

In many countries, such as United States, European Union, Canada, Japan and some other countries, strict regulation requires producers of organic food to comply with organic standards set by National governments and International organic trade organizations, before certification is given to organic food producers to market their products as organic.

So for example, organic products that are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) could carry the USDA label with the words as below:
* 100% organic : Products are 100% organic or containing all organic ingredients
* Organic : Products containing at least 95 organic ingredients

Any products containing at least 70% of organic ingredients could only list their organic ingredients, but are not allowed to use the USDA label on their product.


How to identify if a food product is organic?

The food product is considered organic when it is labeled as “organic” or “organically produced”.

However, processed food having organic ingredients listed on their packaging does not necessarily mean that the finished food are organically produced.


Comparison of nutritional value for Organic vs Non Organic Food

Organic food are shown by some studies to have more nutritional value, while other studies claim that both organic and non organic food have the same similar nutritional value. However, it is clear that non organic food are exposed to higher level of chemicals such as pesticide, growth inducing hormones, anti-biotic residues etc… that are employed in non-organic farming.

And such chemicals if taken in by the body, even in small amounts over a prolong period would have negative health impact on our body system including increasing the higher risk of cancers, and other chronic diseases.

It is found that some organic food may contain higher level of anti-oxidant vs their non-organic food counterpart.


Comparison in cost for organic vs non organic food products

* As organic farming is more expensive due to the methods employed and having to follow the strict processed, and needing to get extra certification, therefore the cost of organically produced food is much higher.

Comparing shelf life of Organic food vs non-organic food

* As non organic food and vegetables are usually treated with waxes and preservatives to maintain a longer shelf life, therefore non organic food type, would last longer than their organic counterpart which are not treated with such waxes or preservatives.

* Organic fruit and vegetables would not look as perfect or nice as their non-organic counterpart, as there is no use of pesticides or insecticides thus it is normal for some of it to get eaten away by worms or bugs.


Should I change my diet to totally organic food.

It depends on your affordability, as there is a higher cost involved. However, probably for young children in their growing age, and pregnant and lactating women, and also cancer patients are recommended to take more organic food than the non organic type. These are the group of people that are more likely to be impacted by hormonal residues and pesticides of non organic food type.


Where and when to buy my Organic fruits and vegetables

* You could buy Organic fruits and vegetables from the Organic Food mart, some Supermarket or from our online mart or physical mart here. To ensure you get the freshest vegetables and fruits, do check with the shop, when the vegetables and fruits will arrive from the local farms, and request for delivery on that same day.