Anti Snore Nose Clip
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Anti Snore Nose Clip


Anti Snore Nose Clip

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Anti Snore Nose Clip , Singapore

You could buy the Anti Snore Nose Clip from our online shop here in Singapore.

Snorers could be broadly classified into mouth snorers and nose snorers.

For snorer who snores through their nose, it could be due to their nasal passage being too narrow or in certain cases being congested that results in the snoring sound. Thus during sleep, the anti snore nose clip would help to reduce such cases of snoring.


How does the Anti Snore Nose Clip Reduce Snoring

When inserted into the nostrils, the 2 tips of the anti snore nose clip is specially designed to enlarge the nasal passage that is directly below the bridge of the nose, thus allowing more air through your nose to your lungs. The anti snoring nose clip is acting as a nose dilator to increase the intake of air and oxygen to your body.

The nasal valve below the bridge of the nose is the narrowest part of the human nasal aperture. Therefore any slight dilation of the nasal passage at this point, would have a huge impact to the air flow to the nose.

Nasal dilators such as nasal strip which has been in existence for more than 10 years, work similarly by directly dilating the nasal passage way. By sticking the flexible adhesive strip onto the bridge of the nose, the nasal strip dilates the nasal passage by lifting up the skin of the nose at the bridge, thus allowing more air through your nasal passage.

The anti snore nose clip would thus potentially benefit those group of people where the nasal strip worked well for them.


Anti Snore Nose Clip vs Nasal Strip

* Anti Snore Nose Clip is similar to the Nasal Strip in that both are targeting to dilate the nasal passage directly to allow more air flow through your nose as you breathe.

* Anti Snoring Nose Clip could be re-used again and again while each Nasal Strip is for a one time used only.

* As the Anti Snoring Nose Clip is made from soft silicon for your comfort, therefore it would not create irritation to those with very sensitive skin compared to some nasal strip.

* Nasal strip would not stick on those with oily skin, while the nose clip do not have such problem as it is inserted directly into the nostrils.

* As the Nose Clip is re-usable, therefore it is much more economical than using the nasal strip


Features of the Anti Snore Nose Clip

* Material: Made of 100% soft silicon for your comfort.
* Easy to use. Place the protruding round tips into your upper nostrils and put inwards as seen in the picture above.

* Easy to clean. The nose clip is also easy to care for – Clean it daily after use with mild soapy water and let it air-dry.
* Package includes a little travel case, to enable easy carrying with you anywhere you go.

Depending on your usage, the device could be reuse up to a year or more before you need to replace it again.


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A scientific study article that shows that nasal dilators reduces snoring and sleep apnea and increases oxygen intake to your lungs.

Another reference by European Respiratory Journal on topics of OSA Sleep Apnea, Sleep disorder. And that snoring could be reduced by nasal dilators..

Where to buy Anti Snore Nose Clip in Singapore
You could buy the anti snore nose clip from specialised healthcare malls, or buy from our online shop here in Singapore.

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