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Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

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Anti Snore Mouthpiece, Singapore

The anti snore mouthpiece which you get from our Online Shop here in Singapore is one of the most effective mouthpiece type for anti-snoring.

Besides eliminating snoring, the anti-snore mouthpiece could also be used as a mouth guard to prevent the grinding of your teeth.

Do read thru this entire article, which would provide information on proper use of the mouthpiece to solve your snoring problem.


Using Mouthpiece as a Dental Retainer

As some people has used this mouthpiece as a dental retainer, therefore there are some explanation on this page, on how you could do this. Do read the appropriate section below on using mouthpiece as a dental retainer.


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Mouthpiece effective for which type of snorers?

How does snoring occurs?

Anti Snore Mouthpiece used as treatment for obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)

Why is our Anti Snoring Mouthpiece device so effective against snoring?

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece used as mouth guard

Features of Mouthpiece or Mouth Guard:

Instructions For Moulding The Mouthpiece or Mouth Guard

FAQ by people using the Anti Snore Mouthpiece

Comparison of Anti Snore Mouthpiece with other Mouthpieces on the market, especially in terms of quality, performance and price?

How many times could I remould the mouthpiece

Using mouthpiece as Dental retainers

Where to buy Anti Snore Mouthpiece in Singapore?


Mouthpiece effective for which type of snorers?

Snorers could be broadly classified into mouth snorers and nose snorers. The anti snore mouthpiece would be effective for those who snore through their mouth.

And as the anti snore mouthpiece is more troublesome to use, compared to the anti snore chin strap. Therefore, it is only recommended when the anti snore chin strap does not work.

And for those very serious mouth snorer, you should give our anti snore mouthpiece a try as it is one of the most effective mouthpiece type on the market.

While there are many types of anti snore mouthpiece or mouth guard. The most effective type for anti snoring are the mouthpiece type that could be custom moulded to shape to both your upper and lower teeth and jaw structure, in order to properly position to allow larger airways thru your respiratory system, thus reducing the air flow obstruction that causes the snoring sound, or reducing the possible causes of sleep apnea.

Such anti snoring mouthpiece that are custom moulded for each individual, were only available previously at hospital or by dental specialist.

However, with advancement in technology, you could now buy from our online shop in Singapore, the type of anti snoring mouthpiece where you could mould or custom shape on your own, by following instructions listed within this page.


How does snoring occurs?

Snoring sound occurs during sleep when air flow in and out of your airways has been obstructed by the surrounding soft tissues, thus creating the vibrating noises that is blocking the air passage way.

In more serious cases of air blockage called obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), the person may stop breathing for over 10 seconds each time, and it may occur many times through the night. If you have such serious cases of sleep apnea, it is best that you consult your doctor for a proper treatment.

However, if your situation is to combat or reduce snoring or solve mild sleep apnea, it is relatively easy and convenient to try out our anti snoring mouthpiece before considering other serious and more drastic procedures.


Anti Snore Mouthpiece used as treatment for obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)

1. Do refer to the United States John Hopkins Medicine website, where they explain how sleep apnea could be treated by using mouthpiece that are custom moulded to each person teeth and jaw structure.

2. Or read this article on how oral or dental devices could be used to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

3. Another article to understand how SingHealth – Singapore largest HealthCare Group uses oral appliances or mouthpiece to treat Sleep Apnea.

4. Before you consider any surgery procedure to treat your snoring problem, do read this article first : Wife sue hospital for surgery to fix husband snoring.
Any surgery however minor, do carry a certain amount of risk.



Why is our Anti Snoring Mouthpiece device so effective against snoring?

The structure of mouth, jaw and teeth varies from person to person. Our anti snoring mouthpiece device is made from good quality soft silicone material and is designed to mould to custom fit to each of your jaw and teeth structure, before being used.

When used during sleep, the anti snoring mouthpiece device works by holding your lower jaw in a slightly forward position, to keep your airways from being blocked thus eliminating snoring.


Anti Snoring Mouthpiece used as mouth guard

Some people may exhibit grinding of teeth during sleep. The medical term for this is bruxism. Prolong grinding of teeth would result in the enamel of your teeth being worn down, damaged teeth and in some cases chipped tooth which would be costly to fix.

Teeth grinding would also put pressure on your teeth and jaws, and may result in headache or migraine. If you occasionally woke up with some headache or migraine not related to other specific causes, it may be related to your teeth grinding problem.

Therefore you could use our mouthpiece as a mouth guard against teeth grinding. While using a mouth guard does not stop you from teeth grinding, it would protect your teeth from being worn down, damaged, chipped or headache that resulted due to teeth grinding. And our mouth guard has the added advantage of being able to be moulded and custom shaped to your teeth and jaw structure.


Features of Mouthpiece or Mouth Guard:

* Eliminates or reduces snoring
* Could potentially treat Sleep Apnea
* The mouthpiece could also be used as a mouth guard to protect against grinding of teeth during sleep
* Very slim, and made of good quality soft silicone making it one of the most comfortable mouthpieces on the market


Instructions For Moulding The Mouthpiece or Mouth Guard

Our mouthpiece is made from material that would become soft and malleable when heated, where the moulding process to your desired shape takes place. And when it cools down, it would harden and retain its last shape.

The first time before use, you need to mould the mouthpiece to take the shape of your mouth and teeth structure. This is done by putting the mouthpiece in hot boiling water to heat up the mouthpiece so that it becomes soft & malleable, after which you could bite or sink your teeth into the groove channel of the mouthpiece in order that the top and bottom part of the mouthpiece would be moulded to take on the shape of both your upper and lower jaws teeth structure, and be positioned correctly.

The slightly forward position for the lower jaw is important as this position would enable your airways to be open and be unobstructed during sleep. Do practice this step several times to get the right positioning before you heat up the mouthpiece to start the moulding process. Do also read through this entire page before you start the moulding process.

Do follow the instruction steps below to ensure a good custom mould to solve your snoring problem.

Step 1: Wash the mouthpiece and insert the spatula into the front of the mouthpiece as shown in the diagram. The spatula would act as a handle to hold the mouthpiece, as well as to prevent the slot from being squashed during the moulding process with your mouth.

Mouthpiece spatula and casing

Step 2: Fill in a bowl or mug with hot boiling water. The mug or bowl must be deep enough to submerge the mouthpiece fully.

Step 3: Hold the spatula in the hand, and insert the mouthpiece into the bowl of hot boiling water. Ensure the mouthpiece is fully submerged in the water, while the spatula handle is above the water, so that you could pull it out at the required time. Keep the mouthpiece submerged in the water for 20 seconds. This would soften the mouthpiece to ensure it could be moulded

Step 4: After 20 seconds, hold the spatula handle and pull the mouthpiece out of the hot water, shake away any excess water and immediately insert the mouthpiece into your mouth, still ensuring that the spatula is still inserted into the slot of the mouthpiece. Sink your upper and lower teeth directly into the groove channel of the mouthpiece. Make sure that your lower jaw is in the slightly forward postion with your upper jaw, when you sink your teeth into the mouthpiece.

Step 5: Holding your mouth closed, use your fingers to push on your lips and cheeks to force the device against your teeth. Do the same on the inside with your tongue, especially concentrating on the area behind your lower teeth. Keep applying pressure with your fingers and tongue for at least 30 seconds.

Step 6: Remove the device from your mouth and immerse it in another mug with room temperature water to cool it down. Leave it there for at least 1 minute. This process is to cool the mouthpiece and harden the mould that has just shaped to your upper and lower teeth structure. See the diagram for mouthpiece after moulding.

Mouthpiece after moulding process:
Mouthpiece after moulding

Step 7: Remove the spatula from the mouthpiece and place the device back in your mouth. It should feel comfortable, and grip your upper and lower teeth snugly. If you feel any areas where the fit is poor, you can repeat the above procedure.

Mouthpiece ready for use:
Mouthpiece moulded

Your Anti snoring mouthpiece device is now ready for use!
Use it during sleep, and when not in used, the mouthpiece should be kept in the storage casing.


FAQ by people using the Anti Snore Mouthpiece


It does not seem to stop or reduce my snoring problem

It is likely that in the moulding process, your lower jaw has not been placed far enough in the forward position so as to open up your airways, to reduce the air flow obstruction during sleep. In this case, re-mould again, this time, bringing your lower jaw more in the forward position to allow a larger air flow during sleep.


It has been working for many months but now it is less effective

The device may have been stretched over time especially if during sleep, you are the type that move your mouth violently a lot, or a heavy teeth grinder. In this case, you need to re-mould again.


At the start of the night, it works, but it falls out of the mouth during the night

Our mouthpiece is among the slimmest of all mouthpiece on the market and should rarely encounter this. However if you are the type who move your mouth violently including opening your mouth wide forcefully during sleep, then you would need to use this mouthpiece together with the anti snore chin strap which we also offer at our store. The Chin Strap together with mouthpiece positioning would be able to hold your lower jaw and upper jaw together at the right position.


There is some discomfort to my jaw muscles or front teeth when I wake in the morning

If your snoring has reduce or stop, it means the mouthpiece works for you, but it is just that your lower jaw has been positioned too much forward during the moulding process as to cause discomfort during use. Your jaw has not been accustomed to be in this position for too long a duration. You could either use the mouthpiece just on alternate days till your jaw muscles are accustomed to it, or you could re-mould it again, this time by positioning your lower jaw slightly forward, i.e not too much forward.


Comparison of Anti Snore Mouthpiece with other Mouthpieces on the market, especially in terms of quality, performance and price?

Our mouthpiece is made from good quality soft silicone that is suited for the purpose. And it is slim and sleek and comes in only one piece and designed for your comfort in mind. And as seen from our picture, after moulding process it is very slim, and could fit snugly into your mouth & onto your upper and lower jaws. Other mouthpieces on the market are bulky and some are using a 2 piece design, and are not so comfortable to be accommodated in the mouth. And with our one piece design, there are no moving parts to shift out of alignment during sleep.

Also with the 1-piece design, it is easier to be manufactured, and uses less material. We could therefore pass on these cost savings to you.

After you followed our instructions to custom mould the mouthpiece to work correctly, it would work well for you for a very long time.


How many times could I remould the mouthpiece

You could effectively re-mould the mouthpiece at least 3, 4 or more times.
However after the 4th moulding it would be less malleable, after which you may need to put longer into hot water to achieve the same effect.

To get used to sleeping with the mouthpiece, within the first 2 weeks, some people may opt to use it on alternate days, till they are used to the mouthpiece, after which they could use it continuously.

This anti snoring mouthpiece device should give up to 24 months of effective service. As over time, it may get stretched especially if you move your mouth a lot during use. And when you notice it has loose its effectiveness, it would be time for you to replace a new one.

If you grind or clench your teeth regularly, the device will wear quickly in certain places. Therefore, when you see your mouthpiece wearing down fast, it is also about time to replace it.

For a very heavy teeth grinder or teeth clencher, replacement may need to be as often as every 4 months. With minimal grinding and clenching the device should last 24 months.


Using Mouthpiece as a Dental Retainers

Dental retainers were used to hold straightened teeth in place, after the braces were removed.

During orthodontic treatment, braces were used to shift & straighten your teeth over an extended period of time. Therefore upon completion of your orthodontic treatment, and when your braces were removed, if your teeth were left alone for over a period, your teeth would slowly shift back to its original position.

Dental retainers were therefore used to hold or keep your straightened teeth in place, to prevent it from shifting back to its original position, over time.

While most people were provided with dental retainers after their orthodontic treatment, however, these retainers are thin and fragile, and easily damaged or broken by accident. To replace them would cost quite a sum each time.

As our mouthpiece could be moulded to keep your teeth in its current position, some people have used it as a dental retainer, either as a backup or in place of their broken retainer.

Below are the few points you need to keep note of:
(a) Mouthpiece would only keep and hold your upper and lower teeth in the position where it is first moulded. Therefore it should only be used after your teeth has been straightened by braces.
(b) These mouthpiece is suitable only for use during sleep.
(c) The mouthpiece should be moulded at the position where your teeth has been straightened and aligned with your lower and upper jaw. That is, it is different for the anti-snoring situation where you need to bring your lower jaw forward so as to open your airways when worn.

Do read thru several times, the section on Instructions For Moulding The Mouthpiece or Mouth Guard , and understand the difference before you start the moulding process.


Where to buy Anti Snore Mouthpiece in Singapore?

You could buy your anti snore mouthpiece from your doctor, or from specialised healthcare malls or buy from our online shop here in Singapore.

For those who wish to try other anti snoring solution, we also provide anti snore chin strap and anti snore nose clip at our online shop here.

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