Organic papaya leaf powder


Organic papaya leaf powder, (Rochway ) (500mg /capsules)

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Organic Papaya Leaf powder/extract

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The organic papaya leaf powder that you get from our online mart in Singapore, is a product of Rochway.

The raw ingredients of the organic papaya leaf powder came from the organic papaya plantation of Rochway in Queensland, Australia. And it is then processed into the very fine powder by Rohway own certified organic lab, BJT laboratories plant. Following that, it underwent several other strict stages of processes to result in the final capsule form.


Below are some information that relates to the health benefits papaya leaf powder or its extract.

Papaya Leaf powder or papaya leaf extract contains many important vitamins and nutrients that is important to keep the body in good health.

The leaves from Papaya is rich in vitamins such as B-Vitamins , Vitamins A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

B-Vitamins are important to help the processes in your body, while Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants, calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for strong bones, Vitamin E helps keep you in good cardiovascular health.

Papaya leaf also contain 50 or more different amino acids and some of these agents are used in cosmetics for creating young healthy looking skin, and have been used as anti-aging compounds.

The leaves of Papaya also contain cancer fighting agents. And could help in the fight against cancer such as cervix, breast , liver , prostate and lung cancer. Papaya Leaf tea also enhances chemotherapy, including helping with side effects of chemotherapy.

When you select Papaya Leaf extract, make sure you choose the Organic type of papaya leaf extract to get the full benefit.


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